We’ve constructed the wheel.

We’ve constructed the wheel.
You set it rolling.

Once you select a group of volunteers, you can assign them to groups of patients as a batch, or you can assign one COVID-19 patient at a time. You give the volunteer flexibility to schedule the time they’ll contact each patient daily, and the routine follow-ups begin.

Scheduling privacy and security.

All the scheduling functionality was developed by Sherpa and the data is encrypted and hosted securely in ASW. Even under crisis, privacy is key.
The medical volunteers can only see their agenda. The hospital has full visibility of the whole operation.

Scheduling privacy and security
Scheduling tools included

Scheduling tools included.

You can set recurring appointments so that the volunteer needs to input the patient information only once. Reminders can be set for volunteers to contact patients, and for patients to self-report. Schedules can be seen on a daily, weekly or monthly views.